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Auto Tinting

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Auto Tinting

Here at Tinted Vision, we have over 25 years of experience in auto window tinting. Working on a range of vehicles, we work with both private and corporate clients to ensure that their vehicles are on point to our customers needs.

Why tint your vehicle?
Here are the benefits that our clients notice:


Tinting obscures the view into your car, so you can be happy knowing that no one is going to see any belongings and valuables. When valuables can’t be seen, the risk of a break-in is significantly reduced.


You can drive without any prying eyes checking you or your passengers out, something which makes nervous or VIPs a little uncomfortable with. Even though no one will see in, the driver will still have a clear view on the road ahead.


There’s no need to worry about eye fatigue as the sun’s glare will be completely blocked.

Pets And Kids 

Pets and kids tend to get anxious and restless when stuck in hot cars for long journeys. The tinting will block out excessive sunlight so that the temperature in the back of the car is easier to maintain. Their eyes will also be protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays.


The tinting films we use are designed not to shatter. If you’re ever involved in an accident or something falls onto the windscreen, your family and car contents will be kept safe.

Style & Resale 

Window tinting we done right, can dramatically transform your vehicles looks and styling. It can give the impression or a more sporty and luxurious stance and feel. Why do you think most prestige and executive car manufacturers choose their "tinted" specs to showcase their new models. It will also add value and improve your chances of getting a resale too.

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What Our Car Tinting Clients Think Of Us...

Great company 100% recommend. Thanks for everything guys!

Martin Wgley 

Great response and booked in in no time! Windows tinted and off before i knew it! Highly recommended

Martyn Degroot 

Really knowledgeable and helpful. Really good customer service. Car looks lovely, I'm really happy with their work. Thank you.

Nadine Williams 

If you want your windows tinted then these guys are the only choice! Excellent work on our Audi Q3! Friendly and very quick with the way they do it. Thanks guys.

Andrew Clarris 

Top quality job- did a great job with the tints on my merc. Highly recommended thanks lads.

Jonathan Cobley 

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