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Commercial Window Tinting

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Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial tinting has grown in popularity over the past few years as more industry leaders start to understand the benefits it can bring to their place of work and property.

SMEs, shops, workshops, offices and all kinds of
 businesses can take advantage of the following benefits:

SMEs, workshops, offices and all kinds of businesses can take advantage of the following benefits:

Better Privacy

For organisations that work with sensitive and restricted information, there’s now no need to worry about who’s looking in through the windows. Our tinting film ensures complete privacy so no one can peak at your team’s computer screens, filing cabinets or wall boards.

Blocks Harmful Rays

Your employees will be at their desks for most of the day, and directly in the sun’s light that shines through windows. Once you’ve tinted the windows, there’s no need to worry about harmful UV rays and exposure to the sun.

Energy Efficient

Tinted windows will enable you to better manage the office’s heat, which in turn makes it easier to cut down on energy bills and lower your utilities.

Improved Comfort

As the sun’s light will be efficiently blocked, your employees won’t complain about being too hot again. Our tinting offers up to a 73% reduction in heat, allowing your employees to work productively in comfort throughout the day.

Tougher Windows

Our tinting film increases the strength of your windows. That means they won’t shatter when damaged or even if someone attempts to smash them to gain entry.

Exterior Styling

Clear glass can be boring and unimaginative, so there’s no surprise that many stores, workshops, facilities management companies and private offices decide to go for our tinting film. It can add some sophistication helping them to stand out on a busy high street or business park and grab customers’ or visitors attention.

Productive Precision 

Whether you want exterior windows or interior glass tinted in your commercial building, we will be able to help you make the best decision.  Thanks to our our innovative and class leading technology, we can efficiently and quickly get your bespoke tinted windows ready in half the time it takes a convention tinter to cut. But our fast turnaround time doesn’t mean reduced quality - in fact, this innovative tech helps us accurately and safely cut with precision without taking a blade to a window seal or frame.

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What Our Commercial Clients Say About Us...

Great company 100% recommend. Thanks for everything guys!

Martin Wgley 

Great response and booked in in no time! Windows tinted and off before i knew it! Highly recommended

Martyn Degroot 

Really knowledgeable and helpful. Really good customer service. Car looks lovely, I'm really happy with their work. Thank you.

Nadine Williams 

If you want your windows tinted then these guys are the only choice! Excellent work on our Audi Q3! Friendly and very quick with the way they do it. Thanks guys.

Andrew Clarris 

Top quality job- did a great job with the tints on my merc. Highly recommended thanks lads.

Jonathan Cobley 

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